Rescue Public Murals

Rescue Public Murals launched in December of 2006 with the goal of raising public awareness of the rich history of murals throughout the United States, documenting their condition and artistic and historic significance, and advising on and funding their preservation and conservation. RPM was under the umbrella of Heritage Preservation with contributions from the Getty Foundation, the National Endowment for the Arts, the Booth Heritage Foundation, Friends of Heritage Preservation, and the Wyeth Foundation for American Art. When Heritage Preservation dissolved in 2015, RPM was discontinued, but you can read more about its impact and programs below and on AIC's website

"[T]he hard working support staff of Heritage Preservation carefully and patiently molded our ideas into an organization that had a direction, a lot of energy, the capacity to attract serious funding...and the ability to legitimize the efforts of the often-overlooked work of America’s community muralists, both great and small. We are particularly proud of having developed a model for surveying and treating community murals that includes those living and working with them on a daily basis. We are very proud of what we accomplished in a few short years, and we hope that our example shines for others facing similar preservation challenges."

-Will Shank, founding member of RPM

(Images, right, courtesy of Will Shank)

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